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Why choose GPS?

Global Prevention Services has a number of unique advantages over virtually every other remediation company in the industry. They include cutting edge products and protocols that allow GPS to:

  • Provide a true, long-term solution rather than the band-aide approach of other companies that only encapsulate the problem for it to return later.
  • Complete almost any project faster – many times in half the time – as traditional companies.
  • Achieve better results, as proved through independent testing results.
  • Provide true long-term prevention that is backed by the industry's only insurance-backed warranty.
  • Complete projects for a fraction of the cost of competitors.
  • Disrupt life or business the least amount possible.

How is our warranty different?

The GPS warranty is very different from virtually every other warranty in the industry. It is the only warranty :

  • That is not voided by another water intrusion. If it takes moisture in order to grow mold, than what does a warranty that is voided if the materials get wet protect you against?
  • That protects you against actual damage. Warranties that are capped by the value of the project, or the cost of the product used only cover you for a faction of the cost that you can incur if the problem reoccurs. GPS covers you for any damages incurred.
  • The only warranty in the industry that is supported by GPS' 100% project success rate, eliminating the risk of future microbial issues and warranty claims.

Don't be fooled by inferior warranties that that don't really protect you. When you compare our warranty against any other warranty in the industry, the difference is clear.

The PureSpace® Process

PureSpace® is a propriety line of products specifically designed for the indoor air quality industry, and is exclusive to Global Prevention Services® nationwide offices. We offer safe and effective microbial solutions for homes, offices, government buildings, and any space where mold can grow. And that is everywhere!

  • Fast & Effective Project Completion & Results
  • Safe & Green Products
  • Fully Guaranteed & Affordable Services
  • Serves New & Existing Construction
  • Preferred Choice of Builders
  • Products Tested to ASTM Standards
  • Complete Remediation Services and Prevention Protocols