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Create Magic!

A GPS® franchise offers a tremendous path to building your own business, securing your future and living your life in a most productive way. The combination of our world-class client services supported by our exclusive and proven PureSpace® product line afford our franchisees a rare opportunity to build a business of great value while serving people who truly need expert, affordable and honest help with their property issues. Owning a GPS® franchise has many rewards including the tremendous sensation generated by satisfying people with work that exceeds their expectations.

GPS has designed a complete system to support its award of new franchisee territories from pre-opening action items to site location selection through your Grand Opening and continuing for the tenure of your operation. Obviously, it is in our best interest that all franchisees are well trained, fully prepared and destined for success, and that is how we approach each new opportunity.

To find out more about GPS and its franchise program, call 877-NoMold5 (877-666-6535) or email us by using the form below to request more information via express delivery.

Why Choose GPS and PureSpace?

There are a myriad of reasons to select GPS as the franchise model for your future - first, we are simply the best at what we do! The founders of GPS created the company to solve the many failings that exist in the construction and contractor portion of the indoor air quality industry. Their conviction to create a better delivery system to truly serve those in need of effective, environmental solutions is the driving force behind the company's successes.

The GPS® approach to property issues stemming from water intrusions and the subsequent growth of microbials has been proven 100% effective in real world projects in the thousands and in the National Science Laboratories under extreme conditions. GPS has created a ‘better mousetrap’ and can repeat its results in varying conditions and situations. This is the foundation of any great franchise concept.

With GPS, you will get at a minimum:

  • Field tested systems, resources and products
  • Complete, straight-forward and timely training
  • Day 1 and continuing ongoing support
  • National lead generation, marketing and branding
  • Website construction and support
  • Affordable start-up costs - no inventory loading programs!
  • Financing options

How to Get Started

Our goal is to find the perfect candidate for every GPS® territory and we make the process as easy as possible for all involved. It is in both parties' best interest to create a win/win relationship and that only occurs when clear and open communications exist. Federal rules require proper disclosure for the information exchange to start a discussion with the hope to complete an agreement. The first step then is to contact us to start the process, collect your information and then provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document.

The process is simple and can move at any pace you require. Our staff is available to discuss the steps, timing and provide any other information you may need.

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GPS® Franchise Advantages

  • Use or Proprietary GPS® Protocols and Systems
  • Substantial, Exclusive GPS® Territory
  • Exclusive Access to the PureSpace® Product Line
  • Quality Training and Support
  • Pre-Opening Checklist and Support
  • Corporate and Local Website Exposure - Fully Supported
  • National Marketing and Branding
  • Complete Accounting, Estimating and Controls Training
  • Corporate Lead Generation for Project Opportunities
  • Instant Validation Earned GPS' History for Thousands of Successfully Completed Client Projects
  • Start-up and Ongoing Business Support
  • Site Location Advice, Employee Hiring and Project Support
  • Information and Business from other Franchisee and Corporate Locations
  • Use of GPS® and PureSpace® Logos, Trademarks and Intellectual Property
  • Instant Recognition from GPS' Highly-regarded Reputation and Substantial Client Base
  • Financing Options Available

GPS Office Testimonials

JD "The use of PureSpace gives us a definitive advantage over our competition. No other company in our region is able to offer such a product line."

-JD Ortega

Kenny Fischer "We have been using the GPS 2-step process for over 6 years in hundreds of applications and have never had an instance where the mold returned in any area we treated. It is comforting to know that the PureSpace® products are the best on the market and only we have them."

-Kenny Fischer

Don "Global Prevention Services (known to many as 'GPS') is a national company delivering our own proprietary, state-of-the-art solutions for property issues within the indoor air quality industry. Our exclusive PureSpace® process is utilized on every project and is the main reason that our work is not only fast, effective, affordable and legitimately green, but is also responsible in large part for our passion in this company. Why passion?...because we are able to better help people with clear, honest solutions to their water and microbial issues! Virtually not one other company in our industry, except GPS, can state that the National Science Foundation has independently tested their products. In addition, PureSpace has been tested to and passed the 'D3273' standards of the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials). Our experience, talented personnel, equipment and PureSpace® product resources all combine to produce industry leading results and very satisfied clients."

-Don Lipsy

JP "The combination of highly trained and dedicated personnel with PureSpace® products and process results in exceptional test results and very satisfied customers. Repeat business and word of mouth referrals with residential customers and large building contractors are the result."


Request More Information

If your interest has been peaked by the limited information provided on this page, please contact us. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to starting an association with you!

Call our national headquarters at 877-666-6535, or contact us by email using the form below.