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Mold Removal

Global Prevention Services is the industry leader in total comprehensive mold removal and prevention solutions. GPS is superior in four important and distinct ways.

Faster –Because of our proprietary suite of products called PureSpace and our IICRC compliant protocols, GPS is able to remove far less material than our competition allowing us to complete your project in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods, often 50% or more!

Effective –With over 4000+ completed projects in the past 8 years and a 100% success rate, GPS is the right choice for getting the job done right, the first time. Further, the materials and equipment used by GPS professionals are the highest quality in the industry.

Affordable – Because GPS removes less material and achieves better results, there is less disruption to life or business and lower overall project costs. GPS routinely completes successful projects for far less than the quoted cost of our competition. And, if another company does try to compete, based on cost alone, we offer a price matching guarantee plus a 5% rebate, allowing you to choose the highest quality company without regret.

Guaranteed –GPS offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Our warranty is superior in the following ways:

  • The only warranty that is supported by our 100% success rate – no warranty claims are necessary.
  • The only warranty in the industry that is not capped by the cost of work performed and covers actual damage.
  • The only warranty in the industry that is not voided by a water intrusion.

Not all companies are the same –

If you have received a quote from a company that has done any of the following, give GPS a call and experience the difference:

  • Performs their own pre- and/or post-remediation air quality testing (a serious and frowned upon conflict of interest).
  • Performs work without a signed contract and an upfront, agreed upon work of scope.
  • Performs work without setting up containments (critical enclosures) vital to the safety of your family.
  • Use encapsulates that only mask or cover up the problem rather than addressing the root of the issue from the beginning.
  • Use harmful biocides or other toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your family or building occupants.